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Tourist agency Trevitours in business cooperation as an intermediary with the largest tour operators in Croatia, Germany, Italy and more is able to offer you the best and highest quality tourism arrangements and accommodations at competitive prices. Individual approach to each client in order to fulfill all your wishes and needs of your vacation. Are you looking for an apartment, a holiday house, a villa with pool or a hotel accommodation in Umag, Savudrija, Poreč, Tar, Novigrad, Baska on the island of Krk, or in another place along the Croatian coast in the Kvarner Bay, Istria, Dalmatia or in Continental Croatia? Feel free to contact the Trevitours Travel agency. Our qualified staff will take care to adapt your active beach holiday as you wish and will assist you in the selection of the excursion that suits you the best. Plitvice Lakes, Pula, Rovinj, Istria tour, canoe safari, Brijuni National Park , Postojna Cave, horseback riding, scuba diving, fish picnic etc...


Vaš odmor u Hrvatskoj

Welcome to Croatia! Discover the Adriatic sea coast and the Mediterranean. Explore our offer of houses, apartments, villas, hotels, boat and bus excursions and other services such as car rentals, yacht charter and boat rentals... Here at Trevitours Travel, our aim is to provide you with the holiday of a lifetime at one of Croatia's best resorts. With a long history of working with some of Croatia’s and European biggest and best tour operators, we only work with the hotels and accommodation providers that offer the very best in comfort, quality and cleanliness. When you’re next looking at booking your holiday to Croatia, then talk to us here at Trevitours Travel, and you’ll benefit from our experience in this area and get you best deal possible. We’ll help get you the lowest price - We have good relationships with hotels and accommodation providers all across Croatia. Our prices are some of the best you’ll find on the internet and we only work with quality providers. Booking with us takes all the worry out of choosing your holiday destination and accommodation. Expert guidance - We specialise in Croatia, that means we’re experts in the beautiful resorts that this country has to offer. If we say a resort is beautiful then it really is, we’ve been there and experienced it. Save time - Booking through Trevitours Travel is quick and hassle free. Using our website will get you the hotel you want at the price you want in the resort you want. No more trawling through the internet for bargains, they’re all here! Up-to-date information - Because we are specialised in the Croatian holiday industry, we are able to keep up with the developments across all the major resorts in Croatia. This means we can convey this to you through our website ensuring that you pick the right resort for you. You want your holiday to be the best it can be. It will be when you book with Trevitours



If you are considering visiting Croatia for your holiday, you’ve made a fantastic choice. A country of contrasts, Croatia is both Central European and Mediterranean, sharing borders with Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Slovenia. It is also home to over 2000km of coastline, along which are situated some of the best and most sophisticated resorts that Europe has to offer. In Croatia, you will find some of Europe’s most friendly people, it is something that is commented upon by its millions of visitors every year. With a population of just over 4 million people, it’s not one of Europe’s bigger countries and this can be seen by much of the unspoiled landscape, from dramatic mountains to rolling hills and quiet beach coves. The language of Croatia is Croatian, but if you’re not fluent in this beautiful Latin language, then don’t worry, English is widely spoken especially in the tourist resorts. Croatia is divided into four main regions. Croatia proper, Slavonia, Dalmatia and Istria, and it is the last two areas due to their long and beautiful coastlines that most people visit, and play host to some of the best resorts that Europe has to offer. Istria sits in the north of the country and is host to four of the best destinations that Croatia has to offer. Umag with its stunning 10th century walls and wide variety of beaches, Rovinj, known as the jewel of the Istria region, Porec with its amazing selection of restaurants serving the freshest food imaginable and Pula, with its beautiful beach and amazing Roman arena. Dalmatia stretches along the eastern coast of the beautiful Adriatic sea and is characterised by its amazing beaches and stunning views out to sea. Full of beautiful countryside and facilities for tourists, it’s a great destination for tourists. The ancient city of Zadar is a particular favourite with its wide range of facilities for tourists as is Split, the biggest city in the Dalmatian region that also boasts a fantastic beach too. But it is DUbrovnik that most tourists flock to. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a holiday resort of distinction, it’s an amazing place to visit. Both Istria and Dalmatia have Mediterranean climates. That means that they have warm and dry summers and mild winters. The average number of of sunlight hours is about 2600 per year, which makes it one of the sunniest countries in the whole of Europe. Further inland the climate is more continental, which means skiing a popular activity in winter. Already one of the top destinations in Europe, Croatia’s popularity is set to grow even further as it's already fantastic resorts develop even more. With a warm and friendly population, some of the finest and freshest food that you’ll find in Europe and a coastline that can only be described as stunning, Croatia has to offer something for everybody!

  • Njivice

    Njivice is situated on the beautiful Croatian isle of Krk which lies in the stunning Kvarner Bay. Krk is the largest island in the Adriatic and Njivice, which nestles on its North West coastline is its newest built town/village. Originally a small fishing village, tourism has become more and more important to the town and visitors have been enjoying the delights of Njivice since its first hotel was built in 1930. Now one of the bigger centres of tourism on the island of Krk, Njivice offers visitors of all ages and tastes a holiday they will remember forever. Njivice is famed for its beautiful beaches and promenade. The beaches closest to town are accessed easily and are a mixture of sand pebble and stone, but for those willing to wander further from the centre of town can explore an array of sandy beaches and hidden coves where you can enjoy the peace and quiet, soak up the sun’s rays and swim in the stunning blue waters of the Adriatic. For those who like to enjoy the sea and sun uninhibited by clothes, the beach near Njivice campsite is a nudist beach and is popular throughout the summer. If your idea of relaxation is flexing your credit card, you are well catered for in Njivice. The town has a wide range of shops that sell a variety of items, from beautiful clothes and designer jewellery to shops where you can get a real taste of Croatia and buy traditional Croatian goods and food. There are a number of quaint cafes too where you can rest between shops and enjoy a good cup of coffee or an ice cold drink as you sit and relax in the warm sunshine. As would be expected for a tourist town, Njivice is not short of bars and restaurants along its seafront and promenade, as well as around the town’s harbour. Fish is a popular dish for visitors wishing to taste one of the many varieties that are landed in the port on a daily basis. As well as seafood, you can get a wide range of other dishes too, from traditional Croatian food to other modern dishes from around the world. WIth something to offer everyone whatever their age, Njivice has a range of accommodation available to suit all budgets. For those who prefer to stay closer to nature, there is a large and well equipped campsite that offers a range of facilities. Njivice also has a number of hotels but an option that is becoming more and more popular is renting a villa. Providing warm and enticing accommodation with all the comforts of home, whether you are a single traveller, a couple of a family with children of all ages, they make a great base from which to explore Njivice and the beautiful island of Krk. Beautiful beaches, sumptuous food and a range of stunning accommodation… Njivice is a wonderful place to visit.

  • Malinska

    Malinska is situated on the Western coast of the beautiful island of Krk which ensures that it is sheltered from some of the more blustery winds of the Adriatic. Compared to the dramatic scenery of some of Croatia’s other holiday resorts, Malinska is blessed with a relatively flat landscape, full of beautiful woodland areas as well as having some of the best beaches that the Adriatic has to offer. Malinska first came to prominence in the 1700s, when the port itself was first built. But it was the arrival of the town’s first steamboat that saw it begin its rise to become one of Croatia’s finest seaside resort with visitors who may have before holidayed in the beautiful Opatija being enchanted by the stunning scenery of Malinska. Today Malinska is a modern European resort and tourism plays the major role in its economy. The beautiful beaches are a big draw to tourists, and whilst there are busy areas in front of some of the town’s most popular tavernas and bars, a short walk will lead you to the quirer areas where you can enjoy the golden sands in peace and quiet whilst gazing out at the beautiful Adriatic. If food and drink play a large part of your holiday, then you will love what Makinska has to offer. Malinska has an array of some of Croatia’s finest tavernas and restaurants where you will find a full range of Mediterranean cuisine, made with the region's freshest and finest produce Seafood is a particular speciality, and you can’t leave Malinska without enjoying a meal in one of the specialist seafood restaurants. You can spend your entire holiday quite happily in Malinska as it has lots to see and do, but it can also make a great base to explore further afield. The town of Krk is just 12km from Malinska and is a typical Croatian town with stone houses, narrow bustling streets and a host of cultural places to visit and enjoy. And if the wide range of sports and activities on offer in Malinska aren’t quite enough for you, then Krk offers even more. Accommodation in Malinska like many other resorts in the Adriatic is both generally of a very high quality and varied. You can choose from high class hotels with the very latest in modern service and facilities or one of the many family run hotels in the resort. These are particularly popular for those people wanting to experience a more more authentic Croation holiday. Other options include a variety of self catering accommodation with villas being a particular favourite. Most of these are situated close to town but offer the chance to enjoy the Croation sun in the private surroundings of your own private villa, many of which have their own private pool. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday at a resort with beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by beautiful gentle countryside and with a host of things to do, see and eat, then Malinska is a fantastic choice.

  • Baška

    Baska sits at the very end of the island of Krk on its beautiful South East coast. Reached by following the main Krk island road that runs through the island, it is a journey worth making. Travelling along the basin of Krk’s only river, Vela Rika, the stunning town of Baska is situated where the river and sea meet and forms a crescent around the stunning Baska beach, one of the best beaches you will find in the whole of Croatia. The popularity of Baska as a tourist resort was initially down to the people of the Czech Republic. The editor of one of their major newspapers visited Baska many years ago on business and so struck was he about the beauty of Baska, he was inspired to write an article promoting the town. Such was the popularity of the article, many Czechs came to visit and it remains a popular holiday resort for the people of the Czech Republic today. However, it’s not just a resort for the people of the Czech Republic. Baska’s reputation has begun to spread across the world, and it is a popular holiday destination for people from all over the globe. One of the major reasons is the popularity of its most famous beach, Vela Plaza, renowned across Croatia for its cleanliness and golden sands. With a wide selection of seafront hotels and bars, it’s known as one of the best places in Croatia to enjoy the sun. It’s also home to the Blue Bar, known as one of Europe’s best beach bars. Baska can be a great place to use as a base for exploring other islands in the vicinity, and you can take boat trips to a number of them including Privic, Goli, Grgur and Senj. You can also explore the wider region including the nearby mountainous region, popular with walkers and those who love to enjoy the great outdoors. Shoppers will not be disappointed with what there is on offer in Baska, and it’s a delight to wander round the town’s streets in the pleasant sunshine and view some of the high quality goods on offer. For those people who love to eat out and enjoy a wide range of cuisines, then Baska is a fantastic place to visit. The town is host to a diverse range of cafes and restaurants that serve a range of European and Asian dishes as well as some of the freshest seafood you will find anywhere in the world. There’s also a good range of traditional Croatian food on offer, which really should be experienced by every visitor to this wonderful town. Blessed with a range of accommodation, there are places to stay for visitors with a wide range of requirements. From hotels to suit all budgets, there are also a range of self catering options, stunning villas and even campsites. Baska may not be one of the more well known Croatian holiday destinations such as Opatija or Dubrovnik, but it really is a jewel in Croatia’s tourism crown. Enjoy it now before the rest of the world discover the delights of this wonderful Croatian resort.

  • Vrbnik

    Vrbnik is situated on the eastern part of the island of Krk, facing Novi Vinodolski on the mainland. On a 50 meters high cliff Vrbnik is first mentioned in 1100. The inhabitants used to work in agriculture, maritime and fishing. Here you can taste island´s best wine, the golden yellow Zlahtina. Vrbnik, the oldest place on the island will thrill you with the narrowest street in the world which is in center of Vrbnik. Most of the locals are engaged in viticulture, olives and figs so don´t hesitate when offered with this delicious fruits and the homemade productes made of it. Also taste the traditional cuisine in one of the autochthonous restaurants where cold Zlahtina is served. Beside mentioned Vrbnik offers lovely bays, cristal clear sea, rich cultural haritage that can be seen around the old town.

  • Čižići

    Cizici is situated on the northern part of the island of Krk in the Soline bay. Touched by the sea on one side and Pine alley, the trademark of the place on the other. According to the local legend there were two brothers. One was the maker of laces (zuzmice) therefore the place is named „Suzanj“. The other brother was the manufacturer of the boots (cizmice) therefore the other village is named „Cizici“. Cizici will enchant one with its wonders of nature such as cristal clear sea and healing mud. Swimming season begins in the early spring due to high sea temperatures. Beach is special, very shallow so even hundered meters away from the shore the water is still up to the knees. It´s a place ideal for families with the children. One can also enjoy sport activities or simply have a massage. The place is known for the dry-stone walls, narrow streets, traditional arhitecture and gardens with mediteranian plants. There are numerous apartments and holiday houses in Cizici tailored for each taste. Along with that traditional restaurants offer local specilities. Near by Cizici there are several interesting places worth visiting, such as Dobrinj which was a literacy center in the past with a lot of documents and inscriptions written on „glagoljica“ and the cave Biserujka.

  • Omišalj

    Omisalj is important cultural center. It´s situated on the northern part of the island Krk. Mild climate, beaches, nearby bridge and airport makes Omisalj interesting destinations. Omisalj excites with its cultural and historical heritage all dressed up in stones. There´s a camp „Pusca“ only 2 km away from Omisalj with a sandy beach facing Rijeka and Opatija, ideal for the families with the children. Delicious seafood is being served in restaurants . Other than camp there are hotels and private accommodation. You will find sandy, rocky and pebbly beaches in Omisalj. While sandy beach „Pesja“ has volleyball facilities, beach „Jadran“ welcomes with diverse restaurants.

  • Crikvenica

    Crikvenica is a tourist destination in Kvarner region near the City of Rijeka. The whole Riviera Crikvenica is kilometers long promenade. Along gentle and green coastal line dotted with sheltered coves, parks, villas and gardens, and in the direction of the lush, mountainous hinterland trails and hiking paths. The town beach is sandy and there are pebble beaches too in the city center, Dramalj beach to the peninsula Kačjak. Crikvenica Riviera consist of towns Crikvenica, Dramalj, Selce and Jadranovo. Crikvenica is known by family and health tourism but with numerous cafes and bars do not lack entertainment and nightlife. With clubs in the city center and the Crni Molo, you can treat yourself in one of the many restaurants, or go on a boat trip to the nearby Silo at island Krk. It is pleasure to walk along the rich green city parks, and stop at one of the many good restaurants offering fish and shellfish. At the Crikvenica Riviera there is a plenty of opportunities for sports activities such as sailing, surfing, diving or water skiing. Also, you can bring or rent a bicycle in the area because there are many bicicle paths arround. Historically, it belongs in one of the sunniest places in the Adriatic, with its 2500 sunny hours per year.

  • Novi Vinodolski

    In the middle part of the northern Croatian coast, from the old Frankopan fort named Novigrad, has been developed Novi Vinodolski, the center of it´s own Riviera. This historical , political and cultural center of Vinodol principality, also a cradle of literates from Mazuranic family, proudly keeps a memory of the Vinodol statute from 1288, the oldest Croatian low documents written in Glagolitica. Thanks to the evergreen forest vegetation and mild Mediterranean climate, clear sea and air, Novi Vinodolski in 1878 became one of the first tourist resorts in the area.

  • Grizane

    Small town Grizane in Crikvenica´s hinterland is just 5 kilometers from the sea and beaches in Crikvenica. In the last 10 years Grizane has become a new tourist destination with over 200 holiday houses and villas with pools. For those looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city there are nicely decorated villas representing Grizane as the right choice. You are only few minutes by car away from the spacious beaches in Crikvenica. Near by the place there is a paragliding center, on the Tic hill where you can enjoy in magnificiant view over the Vinodol valley, Tribalj lake and the castle Drivenik. There are numerous forest tracks around Grizane leading you into the untouched nature, a heaven for the mountaineers , tracking fans, cyclists and adrenalin lovers.

  • Selce

    Selce is located in a picturesque cove next to Crikvenica, on one of the most diverse parts of the Adriatic coast. This seaside resort, once a village of fishermen and stonemasons, today makes an interesting holiday destination with a tradition of tourism reaching back more than a century. Selce has won many awards for the excellence of its tourism offer and the overall appearance of the town. It has also won the title of best holiday resort on Kvarner four times. In addition, it came second twice and first once (in 2002) in the "Blue Flower" campaign organised by the Croatian National Tourist Board for the best holiday resort on the Adriatic. Selce is a perfect place for pleasant summer holidays, with well-tended Blue Flag beaches, a wonderfully clean sea, a seaside promenade, and many cultural, entertainment and sporting events (folklore, concerts, painting exhibitions, fish festivals on the waterfront, sport-fishing for visitors, sailing regattas and much more). The town also has a diving centre with diving school and various water sport facilities. Selce can accommodate several thousand visitors in private homes and hotels, holiday villas and two campsites set amidst the area's beautiful natural scenery and crystal clear sea.

  • Bribir

    The remains of the old city walls and city tower evoke the times of the Dukes Frankopan whose four centuries rule left profound spiritual and material traces in Vinodol. It´s greatest bloom Bribir experiences in time of the Duke Bernardin Frankopan who strengthens the castle and the city walls. When in 1848. the Bribir´s seigniory was abolished municipal authorities demolished the Big and the Small doors and castle, later replaced by the school. So did the long and famous history of the Bribir fortress ended up in ruins. The only remain of the Bribir forth is the quadrangular tower from 1302. and the part of the walls. The hill on which the old town is situated gives you breathtaking view over the valley and Novi Vinodolski. The renaissance art pieces at St. Peter and Paul´s church testify of the high level of the cultural and civilisational reach of the medieval Bribir and strong connections with Europe.

  • Jadranovo

    Jadranovo is an attractive seaside resort, ideal for a quiet holiday. It is known for beautiful scenery, unspoilt natural surroundings, numerous coves and romantically secluded beaches. A coastal promenade and a network of walking trails criss-crossing the hinterland are just right for pleasant walks and recreation on hot summer days. Jadranovo is noted for its beautiful nature, for its tranquil pine forests and seaside walks, for quiet coves and beaches, for its crystal clear sea and crisp fresh air. The area's long tradition of welcoming visitors, its hospitable people, beautiful scenery and comfortable accommodation in family homes, as well as fine gastronomic choices, are just a small part of what Jadranovo has to offer its visitors.

  • Murter

    The island of Murter may not be one of the best known of Croatia’s holiday destinations, but that’s all the better for those who visit. Located in the Šibenik archipelago of the North Dalmatian group of islands in the stunning Adriatic, it lies just 20 metres from the mainland, and it is connected to the mainland by means of a shot drawbridge which spans the sea canal beneath. The area of the island is just over 7 sq miles with its highest peak, Raduč rising 125 metres above sea level. As well as being a delightful resort to visit the island will be of particular interest to history buffs, as the island has been inhabited for nearly 2000 years. It has had a long and turbulent past and has been home to Roman settlements as well as being a refuge for many people fleeing the Ottoman attacks in the area during the 15th century. Murther is now better known as a select tourist destination, and much of its reputation is because of its wonderful beaches. Famous for its sandy gravel expansive beaches, it also has delightful hidden coves where you can sunbathe and swim in privacy. Beaches that are particularly well worth visiting are Čigrađa, Lovišća, Kosirina, Slanica and the delightful Podvršak. There are five main places on Murter. The main one is Murter village in the north west of the island and here history buffs can see the fabulous remains of Roman houses. For those people who prefer their holidays a little bit more lively, there are plenty of places to enjoy a drink and a dance, with live music being particularly popular. Along the southern coast of the island is Slanica which has an amazing beach that melts into the shallow waters of the Adriatic. This obviously makes it a very popular destination for families and people of all ages during the day, but at night the village becomes a lively party destination, with its beach bars and tavernas being a popular choice for those who want to eat, drink and dance. The three other locations are Betina, which has a beautiful marina and sandy beach, Jezero which boasts a beautiful little harbour and Risno which boasts another of Croatia’s finest beaches, the golden sands being lined with palm trees and being a particular favourite with the more discerning sun worshipper. There is a range of accommodation on the island and there should be something to suit everyone’s taste and pocket. There are a number of 4* and 3* hotels on the island, or if you want a bit more freedom to explore the island then there are a wide range of self catering accommodation available to suit all budgets. Many holiday destinations claim to offer something for everyone, but Murter really can. From stunning scenery and golden beaches to bustling tavernas and ancient historic sites, everyone, whatever their age will enjoy their time on the beautiful island of Murter.

  • Zagreb

    When you are thinking of taking a holiday in the beautiful country of Croatia, Zagreb may not be the first place you think of. As the capital of Croatia and not being on the coast, other destinations such as Opatija and Dubrovnik may be more popular, but rule out Zagreb as a destination for your holiday and you could be making a big mistake! Of course, it may not have golden beaches looking out on the gorgeous Adriatic Sea, but it does have a whole host of things to offer tourists of all ages and tastes. Located in the North West of Croatia, Zagreb is not just the capital city of Croatia, it is the nation’s largest. With a rich history that spans thousands of years, Zagreb and its surrounding areas are rich in historical monuments and locations. The area known as Gornji Grad (upper town) is host to the Presidential Palace, the Croatian Parliament and the beautiful St Mark’s Church. It is also host to a multitude of museums, and so numerous are they, that Zagreb is known as the ‘city of museums’ and has more museums per square mile than any other city on the world. Delights include the Archaeological Museum, the Modern Gallery, the Technical Museum and the Croatian National History Museum. For those of you that prefer malls to museums, Zagreb, as you would expect plays host to a wonderful selection of shops and stores. In Zagreb, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the shopping on offer, from international designer boutiques to small, family run stores selling high quality Croatian made goods. There’s also plenty of cafes and coffee shops throughout the city for you to rest your weary feet and enjoy some fantastic coffee and traditional Croatian snacks. As the nation’s capital, the city is host to a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets. You can find cuisines from around the world as well as plenty of establishments offering traditional Croatian fayre. Pauza is one of the most famous restaurants in Zagreb and is a particular favourite of celebrities and Croatian dignitaries who are drawn in by the fabulous Asian culinary fusion on offer. If you prefer to taste some traditional Croatian dishes with a modern twist you should visit Bistro Apetit, a permanent fixture in the nation’s top 10 restaurant lists. As well as the fantastic restaurants on offer, there’s a range of delicious street food too all across the city, be sure to check it out. As you would expect from any big city in Europe, there is a wide range of accommodation on offer. Zagreb boasts a range of 4* and 5* hotels that offer visitors a luxurious stay. However, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to this, there are a host of other options available too, including an array of smaller, family run hotels and self catering opportunities. Often these can help you get a more authentic view of this wonderful city. Next time you are planning a trip to Croatia, don’t automatically discount Zagreb, it has a huge amount to offer the savvy tourist.

  • Opatija

    Situated on the stunning Istrian Peninsula overlooking the beautiful Kvarner Bay, Opatija is one of Croatia’s most popular resorts in both summer and winter, with an average temperature of 25°C in the summer and a respectable 10°C in the winter. The longest established resort in the region, it has long been popular with European royalty and celebrities and offers visitors the holiday of a lifetime, offering long sandy beaches, beautiful countryside as well as all the facilities one expects from a modern European holiday resort. Visitors to Opatija can not help but be impressed by the splendid architecture on display throughout the town. A particular favourite holiday destination of the Austro-Hungarian nobility, you can see this influence wherever you go in Opatija. Other historic must-see sites include the Maiden and the Seagull statue, Zvonko Car’s stunning statue of a young girl with her palm outstretched to a seagull. The statue sits on a small rocky outcrop that trails into the sea and is a favourite with visitors from around the world and you will no doubt want to take a photograph of this wondrous sculpture. If you prefer your holidays to be on the relaxing side and love to spend long days relaxing on the beach, then Opatija is a great choice for your holiday. Protected from the elements by the beautiful Kvarner Bay and its many islands, the sea gently laps on the shore unlike some other resorts that can often be pounded by larger waves, making Opatija a great choice if you love to swim. It’s often so serene it’s like swimming in a lake. That also means it is great for watersports, and you have a choice of activities available as you walk along the beachfront. Opatija boasts some of the best restaurants that Croatia has to offer. From high class fine dining and modern European cuisine to traditional Croatian eateries serving meals made with the finest local produce, there is something for all tastes in the taverns and restaurants of Opatija. As a modern European resort, there’s also a variety of entertainment offer to tourists too, from gentle folk music evenings to more modern discos. Shoppers are well catered for in Opatija. Reflecting its reputation as a modern European resort of distinction, in Opatija you will find an array of luxurious goods for sale at fantastic prices alongside a whole host of Croatia’s finest handmade goods and local produce. If Opatija sounds like the perfect destination for your holiday, there’s a variety of some of Europe’s finest accommodation awaiting you. As befits a resort with a distinguished history of hosting some of Europe’s finest Royal families, there are a number of 4* and 5* hotels that are as good as in any modern European city. As well as this there is a host of quality self catering accommodation and villas, where you can enjoy the beautiful town of Opatija whilst enjoying all the comforts of home.

  • Cres

    On the island of Cres in the town of Cres, there are numerous other places which are located along the coast, while others are in higher areas.

  • Orebic


  • Supetar


  • Hvar

    Thanks to mild climate, worm winters and pleasant summers, the island of Hvar is ideal destination for vacation. Hvar is known for it´s cultural and historical monuments and literature. In the old town you can find a mixture of antique and modern arhitecture, organized boat excursions to nearby islands, sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, lavander fields, olive groves, vineyards, hotels and private accomodation. The city of Hvar is proud of its Renaissance buildings, especially with the Hvar theatre, situated in the old town, the first public theatre in Europe. On the hill above the city there is a fortress of Hvar, built in 16th century from which you can enjoy in a stunning view over Hvar and Pakleni Islands. For those looking for a good time and top restaurants with high gastronomy, Hvar is a place to be. One can be attracted by untouched coves near the city, reachable by car or bycicle. Island is well connected by ferries with town of Split and surrounding islands.

  • Korcula


  • Zadar

    Nestled on the North Dalmatian coastline, Zadar is an ancient city that is also one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations. The 5th largest city in Croatia, it is a beautiful place to visit at any time of the year and no visitor leaves disappointed. Zadar is so old it is often said to be older than the city of Rome. It’s had a varied and exciting history that has seen it be attacked many times, destroyed and rebuilt time-after-time. The fingerprint of this exciting past can be seen all over the city, with its beautiful old churches, cultural monuments and flamboyant displays of art from throughout the ages. The Old Town is the place to go if you want a real taste of historical Zadar. Lying on a peninsula, you can almost taste medieval Zadar as history is everywhere in this part of town. In the centre of Zadar, next to the Old Town is the economic heart of the city. Here you will find the modern industrial and retails centers, housing developments, industrial parks and other commercial zones. You’ll find the city’s many shops here, and as you would expect from a city of this size, you can find a wide variety of stores to suit everyone’s taste, from high fashion to bargain buys. If you’re a tourist though looking for somewhere to stay, then it is the Zadar suburbs of Diklo and Boric that you will be most excited about. Situated 6 km northwest of the city, these areas are a tourist paradise, and have been developed over many years into destinations of distinction. There’s a wide variety of accommodation here from fantastically luxurious hotels to an amazing range of self catering accommodation that offer you complete flexibility to enjoy your holiday. The standards are very high in Zadar so you can be assured your accommodation will be more than satisfactory. The beaches here are simply amazing, and you’ll enjoy lazing on them whilst gazing out at the stunning Adriatic Sea. You’re never short of things to do in Zadar, and as well as the amazing range of restaurants and tavernas on offer serving delicious food and drink, there are a range of nightclubs and live music venues enabling you to party into the night. If nature is more your thing, then Zadar is within driving distance of four stunning national parks. These are Northern Velebit, Paklenica, the Plitvice Lakes and the Krka Waterfalls. Each one of these are well worth a visit and will provide memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a holiday destination that provides you with the buzz of a modern European city, an amazing variety of wildlife and nature as well as all the trappings of a modern upmarket holiday resort, then Zadar is a fantastic choice.

  • Split

    Split is the biggest city in the Dalmatia region and the second biggest city in the whole of Croatia. Lying on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, it is one of the most exciting and exuberant cities in Europe and is a fantastic place to spend your holiday. Split is one of the oldest cities in this part of Europe and is thought to be nearly 2000 years old judging by the archaeological evidence on offer. Split’s history begins in earnest in 305D when the construction of Diocletian’s Palace began, becoming a major Roman settlement in 650 AD when it took over from Salona as the Roman capital of the Dalmatia region. Diocletian’s Palace is still in existence and it is one of the most imposing Roman ruins you will find in existence today. Despite being called a palace, is more like a fortress and it will truly take your breath away the first time that you see it. Whilst staying in Split, it is one thing that you simply have to visit. Once you’ve had your fill of the many historical and cultural sites that are on offer in the beautiful city of Split, it’s great to hit the shops. Split certainly doesn’t disappoint in this department, and has something for everyone, with dazzling designer stores through to amazing artisan and craft shops showcasing the best of Croatian goods. Split’s daily market is especially worth visiting. As evening beckons, Split really comes alive, with its many cafes, bars and restaurants buzzing with people enjoying their excellent hospitality. From traditional Croatian restaurants to venues that offer cuisines from around the world, your taste buds will be dazzled in this wondrous city. For those who like to party into the night, there are plenty of options, with many venues to choose from across the city, offering live music and dancing. The great thing about Split is that as well as offering the many delights of a modern European city, its location on the coast means that it has beaches too! Bačvice is most famous and most popular beach in Split and is just minutes from the city centre. It’s Blue Flag status is testament to its cleanliness and it’s popular with locals and tourists alike. It is especially good if you’re not a fan of deep water. The sea is very shallow close to the shore and you have to walk out 50m before it is deep enough to swim. Other popular beaches in Split are Ovčice, Firule and Trstenik. Befitting a city with the facilities and size of Split, you won’t be surprised to know that there are a wide range of place to stay in the city. High class luxury hotels offer a delightful stay with access to facilities that you won’t find better anywhere in the world. If you prefer to have a bit more of a Croatian experience, the variety of smaller hotels and self catering options are a great way to explore the real Split and discover all of its hidden gems. Split offers you everything you could ever want in a holiday destination and is a great idea for those travellers looking for something that little bit different.

  • Dubrovnik

    Take a trip to Dubrovnik and it won’t take you long to understand why it is Croatia’s most popular tourist destination. A fantastic place to visit anytime of year, it’s during the summer months that you’ll get the most out of this wonderful city. Dubrovnik is a city with a long and turbulent past and its history is never very far away. The ‘pearl of the Adriatic’, it is one of Europe’s most stunning cities, its Old Town becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The Dubrovnik city walls are a must visit and you can walk along them too. This walled city has long been a symbol of freedom for Croats, as it has spent much of its history as a self governing city-state, successfully defending itself from invading foreign powers. You can sense this abundance of history as soon as you are near the beautiful city walls. There’s not just an abundance of history on offer in Dubrovnik though. Despite being a fully functional Croatian city (albeit a small one), it is also simultaneously a fantastic holiday resort too, with fantastic beaches and activities. That means when you visit Dubrovnik you really do get the best of both worlds. You can shop till you drop in the streets of Dubrovnik and you will find some of Croatia's best shops here, from expensive designer fashion to high street names as well as a multitude of interesting Croatian shops selling a wide range of goods. Eating and drinking in Croatia as you would as expect is excellent and you are spoilt for choice with the numbers and quality of restaurants and tavernas on offer. From exciting European and Asian cuisines to traditional Croatian meals, you’ll find something to suit everyone’s palate and pocket. The tavernas also host a great deal of live music and events, which means you are never short of something to do in Dubrovnik. Visiting in summer is particularly recommended as this will enable you to visit the Dubrovnik Summer Festival which is held in July and August. Bringing out the best that the city has to offer, it’s a time of celebration, eating, drinking and dancing. It’s an experience you will never forget and one that is becoming more and more popular. Dubrovnik is also a great base for touring the wider region. There are other tourist resorts in the close vicinity that are well worth a visit and these include Cavtat and Župa Dubrovačka which are easily reached by hire car, taxi or by public transport. If you want to explore a bit further afield, then Dubrovnik's port offers trips to various islands nearby including Mljet, Šipan Koločep and Lopud. All of these are beautiful places to visit whilst staying in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik offers a wide range of accommodation from luxurious 5* and trendy boutique hotels to a fantastic array of self catering accommodation from apartments, rooms and a wide selection of villas. If you are looking for a holiday destination in Croatia that literally has everything, then Dubrovnik should be one of your first choices.

  • Pula

    Pula is the largest city on the Istrian peninsular and like other places in this region, it is well known for its fantastic weather, stunning sea and beautiful natural surroundings. As well as being the centre of life around these parts since Roman times, it also has a long tradition in winemaking and fishing, both of which still feature heavily today. You’re never far from history in Pula, and no visit to this fantastic city is complete without a tour round the amazing Roman amphitheatre. Known as the Pula Arena, it is one of only six remaining large Roman arenas in the world and is the best preserved ancient monument in Croatia. Today you can tour the amphitheatre and also watch some of entertainment's biggest names perform here. Those to have played this wonderful venue include Luciano Pavarotti, Tom Jones, Placido Domingo, Leonard Cohen, Dave Gilmour and Andrea Bocelli. Because Pula is blessed with year round sunshine, its beaches are some of the best and most popular in the country. The Pula Riviera is full of a wide variety of beaches, from windswept rocky outlets to pebbly beaches and coves, as well as well maintained concrete terraces that are an excellent choice if you have access issues. On some of the beaches just outside of Pula, it’s even possible to track dinosaur footprints on the sand! Pula has a good selection of shops. You’ll find everything you need here, from high class boutiques and electronics stores to a wide variety of gift shops that will enable you to buy fantastic presents for your loved ones at home. There’s a fantastic array of restaurants too in Pula. It’s location on the coast means that in Pula you can taste some of the freshest seafood in the world. Your fish may only have been landed a matter of an hour ago and this makes it absolutely delicious! For those who like to enjoy the local nightlife, Pula has a host of bars and nightclubs that cater for a range of tastes, whether you want to dance the night away or simply relax whist watching some fantastic live music. For those people who love the great outdoors should visit the Brijuni National Park. This island is simply spectacular and was the former residence of the Yugoslavian dictator Josip Broz Tito. Here you can enjoy this outstanding area of natural beauty and create memories that will last a lifetime. Pula is blessed with some of the best accommodation in Croatia, and you can choose from luxurious hotels, fantastic self catering apartments or beautiful private villas. All of Pula’s accommodation os of the highest quality and is clean, comfortable and value for money. You can choose to stay in the centre of Pula itself or choose to stay on the fringes of town, just a short stroll away from the sights and attractions of this wonderful city. If you want to enjoy some of the best that Croatia has to offer, Pula makes a great choice, and you’ll find yourself returning year after year.

  • Krk

    Looking to stay in an Adriatic city where you can get a real sense of history whilst still enjoying the delights of a modern European resort? Then Krk should be your number one choice. First recorded in history nearly 3000 years ago, Krk was inhabited by a tribe known as the Liburni, one of the many tribes that made up the famous Illyrian tribe. Conquered by the Romans in the 1st Century BC, you can still see many sites and reminders of the Roman occupation of this fine city. Walking through the old part of today’s city of Krk, you cannot help but be impressed with the breadth of history on view, from the ancient city walls and its city door, it’s amazing to be able to touch these ancient wonders. The Frankopan Castle which is in Krk city’s Kamplin Square is a stunning piece of architecture and hails from the 13th century. As well as being able to visit and tour the Castle, it is also the home of a variety of cultural events throughout the year, and if you get the chance to attend one you should, the ambience the castle gives such events is amazing atmosphere that is hard to beat. Perhaps the most famous city landmark however is the Krk Cathedral. Built around 400 AD, it is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and has been developed continuously over time without losing its historical charm. Today it dominates the city and is home to the Museum of Sacral Art as well as the iconic bell-tower. Just because Krk is known as an historic city don’t think that this means it is lacking in the facilities offered by other such European resorts. The city’s beaches are well developed and popular and range from the pebble beaches nearer the centre of town to the sandy coves on the edge of town for those prepared to take a short walk for the chance to experience these gorgeous reclusive spots. The more popular beaches offer a range of activities for all ages including a variety of watersports as well as childrens activities, tennis and beach volleyball. As would be expected of any modern European city, a walk into the centre will reveal a host of shop, restaurants and tavernas. Here you can enjoy coffee at one of the many local coffee shops, enjoy a cool beer in the traditional local tavernas or treat yourself to a host of different cuisines in one of its many fabulous restaurants. Krk really is a small but vibrant European city and it's got everything you could ever want in a holiday destination. Accommodation as you would expect is of a very high quality, ranging from 5* hotels with fabulous views over the Adriatic to traditional Croatian family hotels that offer that real personal touch. Camping is possible in Krk too, but an increasingly popular option is to hire one of the many stunning villas that are in Krk. Furnished to the highest possible standards, they offer a relaxing break for all ages. If you’re looking for a fabulous holiday destination that really does offer its visitors everything, then Krk is a great choice.

  • Pag

    Pag is an island that has become known recently as being the place in Croatia to party. This is mainly due to the resort of Novalja in the north of the island. Here you will find an array of fantastic party venues, from uber cool bars to open air clubs that play host to some of the world’s biggest DJs and summer festivals. There’s no better place to party than Novalja! Novalja is blessed with beautiful beaches such as the one at Zrce, buzzing bars and some of the best beaches that you will find anywhere in Europe, perfect for relaxing on after a hard night’s partying. With a range of accommodation to suit all pockets, ranging from comfortable hotels to fantastic value for money self catering accommodation, it makes a great destination for the young, young at heart and those who love to party. But if you’re not a party animal, don’t let that put you off the island of Pag because it really does have so much more to offer. Pag Town which sits in the centre of the island makes an excellent base to explore what else the island has to offer. It enjoys what can only be described as a spectacular setting and it is a resort that you will have the holiday of a lifetime in. Quieter than the resort of Novalja, don’t be fooled into thinking that Pag Town is void of any fun and excitement, it certainly isn’t. It’s just that what it does offer is suitable for a more discerning clientele and for those people who don’t just want and drink and party their way through their vacation. Oozing with history and culture, it offers a very different holiday to what Novalja offers The beautiful Collegiate Church is well worth a visit, as is the nearby Duke’s Palace and the Bishop’s Palace which along with the town walls were built by the famous sculptor and mason Giorgio da Sebenico, famous for being the chief architect of the Cathedral of St James in Šibenik. There’s plenty of places to eat and drink in Pag Town, and the nightlife is enjoyable but much more relaxed than Novalja. From fast food and snack bars to rustic Croatian dining and international cuisine, Pag Town is a food lover's paradise. Accommodation is excellent in Pag Town too, and like Novalja, it offers a variety of accommodation options from value for money self catering properties to luxury hotels. You can also enjoy some of the best beaches that Croatia has to offer in Pag Town. As well as the more popular tourist beaches that offer a range of facilities and activities, there are also numerous coves to visit to enjoy a more tranquil time on the beach. One of these is situated at Simun, and is well worth travelling to as it is a wonderful place to relax in stunning surroundings. Pag is an island of contrasts and depending upon what sort of holiday you want there is something for everyone, from party animals to the more relaxed holiday traveller.

  • Porec

    Nestled on the gorgeous west coast of Istria, Porec is one of the most beautiful resorts in Croatia, and perfect for holidaymakers of all tastes and ages. Originally a small coastal village, it has grown to become a holiday resort of distinction, without losing any of its natural Italian charm. If you are looking at a Croatiaon holiday resort that offers something a little bit different, then Porec is a great choice. As with many of Croatia’s coastal towns and cities, Porec has had a volatile and turbulent past, and you can still see evidence of this in its many historical sites of interest. From Ancient Roman ruins to more modern structures, the streets of Porec ooze history and many places in Porec have changed very little over hundreds of years, which gives you a real sense of perspective. The Euphrasian Basilica which was built in the 6th century is particularly worth visiting and was recognised by UNESCO in 1997 as a World Heritage Site. Porec is blessed with a wide variety of shops and markets, and you’ll almost certainly find everything that you want in this wonderful little town, from high fashion to traditional arts and crafts. The same goes for food too. From delightful little rustic restaurants serving Istrian specialities to fine dining restaurants with award winning chefs, you’ll find something to suit your tastes in Porec. Particularly recommended is the Konoba Aba which has long been regarded as the number one restaurant in Porec. Tucked away down a narrow alley near the Basilica it may be hard to find but you won’t be disappointed with the food on offer at this friendly and family run restaurant. For those people who love sport, then Porec is the perfect destination. Much of this is centred on the beach with lots of different watersports, beach volleyball, tennis and football as well as cycling, fishing and other activities. For those people who like to get their adrenaline pumping, then Porec has a host of sports that really get the heart going including water skiing, karting, paintball and caving. If you prefer things to be a little bit more relaxed, than the beaches of Porec are perfect for getting away from it all and soaking up the sun whilst listening to the waves of the Adriatic lap on the shoreline. Porec is blessed with some of the best accommodation in Croatia. It boasts some fantastic hotels such as the Valamar Riviera Hotel and the Hotel Laguna Parentium as well as some of the best self catering accommodation that you will find in the region. In a range of locations and in a range of sizes to suit couples to larger groups of travellers, they are of a very high quality, clean and offer fantastic value for money. Whether you choose and apartment or a villa, you’re sure to love your Porec accommodation. Porec really is a resort that offers everything. Why don’t you come and enjoy it?

  • Umag

    Umag is one of the most delightful destinations in Istria. A small town of less than 15,000 inhabitants, it is an intimate resort and one that is rich in history, facilities, and sights. If you’re looking for a Croatian holiday that gives you the chance to experience the real Croatia whilst experiencing all the fantastic features of a modern holiday resort, then Umag is a wonderful choice. Umag is rich in history, and no visit to Umag would be complete without exploring some of the historical resources on offer. The fortifications on the Umag hinterland are a must-see, as are the old town walls, complete with a drawbridge. Built-in the 10th century, it’s testament to their builders that they are still here today in such a good condition. The Church of St Roch too is well worth a visit with its oil-painted ceiling as is the town museum where you can get a good overview of the history of Umag and the wider region. As you would expect from a modern tourist resort such as Umag, the beaches here are fantastic and they are rated as some of the best in Croatia. On the days where you don’t fancy lazing on the beach and soaking up the sun, Umag offers a great experience for shoppers. For lovers of fashion, there are lots of boutiques in the town center, and on Umag main street Trgovačka, you will find lots of gift shops full of Croatian art and craft, perfect for when purchasing those gifts to take back home with you! Foodies are well catered for in Umag, and it is host to some restaurants that are well known across Croatia, including Vila Viola, famed for its meat and fish specials and Buscina, which offers traditional Istrian dishes. Both of these are well worth a visit, but there’s so much more great food on offer, you may not get chance! Once the day is over and evening draws in, Umag has lots of bars and tavernas offering a relaxed and friendly night out. There’s even a casino for those people who love to gamble! Accommodation is very good in Umag. You can choose to stay at one its 5* hotels such as the Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, a range of small family-run and friendly boutique hotels of even choose to camp, as there is a range of campsites around Umag. Self-catering is the most popular option, and Umag offers a high-quality selection of apartments and villas to rent, all clean, well furnished, and representing excellent value for money. Umag may not be one of the better-known destinations for holidays in Croatia when compared with p; aces such as Opatija and Dubrovnik. However, its popularity is rising and it is not hard to see why. Offering everything you could want out of a Croatian holiday, it makes the perfect destination for a fabulous Croatian holiday.

  • Novalja

    Novalja and beach Zrce are situated in Northern Dalmatia, the island of Pag is known throughout Europe as being one of the best places to party. Known as the Croatian Ibiza, for those really in the know, it offers so much more than Ibiza and has the chilled out vibe that was prevalent in Ibiza in the nineties before it became far too corporate and commercialised. The nightlife on the island of Pag is centred around the village of Novalja. A modern resort that is packed with all the features and facilities that the modern traveller could ever want, its prevalence as a party venue is due to its location next to the fabulous Zrce beach. Zrce beach is one of the best beaches that you will find in Europe and during the day it is host to a variety of activities, including watersports. On Zrce beach you can try your hand at jet- skiing, parasailing, bungee jumping and play games of beach football and beach volleyball. And of course there is the beautiful Adriatic sea to swim in. The crystal clear waters are amazing! However in Novalja, it’s at night that that Zrce beach really comes to life, as it is the party centre of the island. It plays host to some of the best beach bars and nightclubs in Europe and you’ll have the time of your life partying the night away. Some of the best clubs and bars include: Noa Beach Club Situated in a stilt house that stretches out into the sea, if you’re into commercial house music, Noa Beach Club is the place to go. Inside you’ll find one of the most stunning clubs in Europe, with swimming pools, luxurious VIP areas and even a per for passing yachts. You’ll often find celebrities amongst the crowds enjoying the latest music. Club Euphoria One of the best known venues on Zrce beach, Euphoria is an open air club that hosts some of the biggest DJs in the world playing a variety of styles of dance music. Despite playing host to these big names, you’ll find that Club Euphoria boasts some of the best drinks prices on the island, which means it’s a great place to go if you’re partying on a budget. Papaya Papaya is often lauded as the best open-air nightclub in the world, and is not just an institution of Croatian nightlife, it’s now a European institution. The club plays host to the world’s top DJs and you’ll not want to miss the chance to party at this fantastic party venue. Kalypso Kalypso is the oldest club on Zrce Beach and it’s been a fixture for over 30 years. Originally a sports bar, it has grown into becoming a fabulous open air bar and club, set around a stunning circular swimming pool. This the place to come if you want a more relaxed party venue where you can dance and party all day and night. These are just a small selection of the venues at Zrce beach. If you are looking for the best place to party in Europe, then Zrce beach is the place for you.

  • Rovinj

    Rovinj is the jewel of the Istria region and is quite rightly one of Croatia’s and Europe’s most popular and well regarded holiday destinations. An active fishing port as well as a holiday resort, as well as enjoying all the trappings of a modern European holiday resort, you can see a genuine Croatian town in action as the fishermen haul up their catch into the town’s harbour early every morning. The history of Rovinj is long and colourful. The town nowadays is officially bilingual, with Italian and Croatian being spoken (as well as the old language of Istriot), and this is because of its long history as a place that has been fought over by various empires and countries. Originally a settlement of Illyrian and Venetic tribes, it was then captured by the Romans and eventually incorporated into the Byzantine Empire and then the Frankish Empire in 788. More recent years has seen it as a part of the Republic of Venice, the Austrian Empire, Italy and Yugoslavia. A tour round the town will see all of these influences and make it one of the most unique towns in Europe. You are never short of anything to do in Rovinj. There are numerous beaches dotted along its coastline and these are ideal for cooling off after a long day sightseeing and enjoying the best of what Rovinj has to offer. Some of them are especially popular with the nudist population, so be warned as you may be in for a bit of a shock! Within the town itself, there are two must sees. The first is the Saint Euphemia Cathedral. This 18th Century baroque building is simply stunning and it is well worth climbing the 60m bell tower to see the amazing view from the top. The second is Rovinj food market which is near the harbour. The vast ranges of fabulous Croatian produce on offer is amazing and it’s a great experience to wander through the stalls and hear the traders banter. You may even want to enjoy a haggle yourself! This abundance of fresh produce in Rovinj means that its restaurants and tavernas cook with some of the finest ingredients available. You can get a wide range of cuisines from around the world as well as some of the finest Croatian cooking. Restaurants that are particularly popular include Santa Croce in the old town and La Puntulina on overlooking the Adriatic. Rovinj has a wide range of places to stay. There are high class hotels such as the Hotel Lone offering luxurious accommodation and fine dining but there are also lots of self catering options available too. These tend to be of a very high quality and give people the chance to explore Rovinj and the wider region at their own leisure. Wherever you choose to stay in Rovinj, you are guaranteed to holiday to remember.

  • Dobrinj


  • Vrh


  • Rogoznica


  • Rabac


  • Medulin


  • Vrsar


  • Savudrija


  • Sveti Filip i Jakov


  • Biograd na moru


  • Novigrad


Select a hotel, apartment, villa, travel or excursion

Hotel Omorika Crikvenica, Croatia

Hotel Omorika is situated on the seafront with beautiful views to the nearby island of Krk and the Crikvenica Riviera, This property is a 6-minute walk from the beach.

From/Night 32

Hotel ZornaPorec, Croatia

The all inclusive hotel Zorna is situated in the heart of Zelena laguna in Porec

From/Night 47

Hotel Park Plaza BelvedereMedulin, Croatia

Hotel Park Plaza Belvedere is situated by the coast facing the sea in the small town of Medulin, 10 kilometers away from the historic centre of Pula

From/Night 45

Hotel AmarinRovinj, Croatia

Located 2.1 km from Cathedral of St. Euphemia in Rovinj in Rovinj, Family Hotel Amarin features free WiFi access and free private parking.

From/Night 78

Hotel MimosaRabac, Croatia

Hotel Mimosa is 1 minute walk from the beach. This comfortable hotel is located only 51 m from the beach in Rabac, right on one of Croatia’s most beautiful bays.

From/Night 37

Hotel Pula Pula, Croatia

Hotel Pula is located in city of Pula, hotel is open whole year and has 172 double rooms and 8 suites

From/Night 34

Apartments ElioUmag, Croatia

The property has 1500mq with a pool of 8 m x 4 m and 1.35 m of profound water. Top position for the holiday, in the privileged area of ??Umag - Punta near the tourist village of Stella Maris where you can go to the famous ATP tennis tournament in Umag. The house offers free air conditioning: bicycle, seating area, outdoor pool, outdoor massage, outdoor shower, gazebo, barbecue. The park has games and public parking free of charge at the house. The house has a unique location in a tourist area of ??Umag-Punta, 2 km from the center of Umag, a nearby location, 300 m from the sea, 300 meters from the beach. In the countryside 1'500 m2 (renovated) with garden care, swimming pool (8 x 4 m, depth 135 cm, opening from 23.04. To 30.09.) Available on request (extra). The grocery store is only 500 m away, the restaurant is 200 m away. The tennis camps are only 200 m away, a park of public games 20 m away. It is possible to make a variety of git in the boat or in the bus. The post is ideal for surfing and other water sports, in the vicinity are available camps for tennis, golf camps, equestrian, bike rental, accommodation, and every other accommodation, the possibility of transfer transfers, an ideal area for. Lavender with adjoining payment.

From/Night 45

Apartment Lino B4Umag, Croatia

The apartment is on the ground floor, near the beach and the city center. It has two double bedrooms, bathroom with shower, kitchen, parking, washing machine, free WiFi internet access, air conditioning, microwave, satellite TV and DVD, terrace with garden furniture, garden with barbecue, and parking. The beach called Africa is located 300 m from the apartment and can be reached on foot within a few minutes. On the beach is the bar where you can enjoy a good coffee or several drinks. The city center is 800 m away, and there is no need to go by car. In the city of Umag it is all within walking distance; the old town, the Piazza Della Liberta ', various restaurants and bars, library, aquarium, promenade with stalls, the park near the waterfront, in the summer During the summer in the city of Umag find the amusement park, outdoor concerts, various festivals, and many other interesting things.

From/Night 50

Studio LenkaUmag, Croatia

From/Night 25

Apartments NenaUmag, Croatia

The apartment is suitable for couples, solitary adventurers, business travelers, families (with children) and furry friends (pets) or for those who enjoy long walks or bike rides. There is also a bicycle available. The grocery store is about 800 m away. The area of ??Salvore has been known for many years as an ideal area for the treatment of lung diseases due to the numerous pine trees and clean air and sea. The apartment is located in Ravna dolina near the center of Bassania. The area is very well known for the Salvore lighthouse. Many places by the sea where you can spend your summer evenings admiring the sea and the wonderful sunsets enjoying the delicious drinks of the bars or dining. In the area there are various possibilities for sports, excellent fish restaurants, pizzerias, bars on the beach. It is possible to make several excursions for a fee by booking at Trevitours: boat trips, coach trips, trips to Venice, PN Brijuni, Pula. In Umag there is a children's playground, aquarium, museum to visit. Grissignana is just a few kilometers from the city of artists, Motovun is known for the film festival, Hum is the smallest city in the world, Aqualandia (water park) and more As the property has two apartments, there will be other guests upstairs during your holiday. During your stay, the owners do not live in the house.

From/Night 50

Apartments DANI UmagUmag, Croatia

Apartments Dani are located in an excellent tourist position only 300 m from the beach and tourist facilities. They are located on the ground floor of a family house with a yard and public free parking in front of the house. Apartments Dani consist of three apartments, two of which are for 2 to 4 people with a common spacious terrace and separate tables with chairs for use. On the side of the building there is a studio apartment for 2 people. All apartments are newly built and modernly decorated. Facilities offer are air conditioning, free internet Wi-fi connection, satellite TV, larger apartments have a dishwasher. Next to the house there is a children's playground. Only 500 m away from the apartment is the tourist resort Stella Maris, where the famous tennis tournament ATP Croatia Open Umag has been held for many years.

From/Night 40

Apartments VedranaUmag, Croatia

The comfortable and spacious apartment is located only 800 m from the center of Umag. It is located on the first floor of a family house with 4 apartments for rent. It has a spacious covered terrace with garden furniture. The beach easily reachable on foot in a few minutes (distance 1400 m), the Ultra supermarket at 250 m, the nearest and cheapest restaurant "Gostionica Koper" at only 250 m. The location is excellent for the proximity of the city and the beaches, or to attend the famous tennis tournament ATP Open Croatia which has been taking place for years in Umag in the Stella Maris area.

From/Night 50

Villa MariaUmag, Croatia

Beautiful villa of 120 sqm with swimming pool for 6 people. It has 3 double bedrooms and two bathrooms, washing machine, dishwasher, free WiFi internet access, private parking. The villa is situated in a privileged area, only 300 m from the beach, 1.5 km from the city center, fully furnished, barbecue, outdoor shower, deck chairs, umbrellas, garden. Excellent accommodation equipped with everything for a comfortable holiday for families with children or groups of friends, pets are welcome applicable supplement. The house and 'very spacious with a large open living area dining room with sofa bed, kitchen with oven, microwave, fridge freezer, cooker with three gas burners and one electric, dishwasher, three spacious double bedrooms, a full bathroom with shower, bidet and washing machine, the second bathroom with shower and bidet, terrace with table and chairs, swimming pool, outdoor shower, deck chairs, umbrellas, barbecue, free parking near the house.

From/Night 150

-Zagreb,Split, Croatia


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In the hinterland of the Riviera, spreading from Bakarac to Novi Vinodolski, lies the fertile Vinodol valley (Vallis vinearia) which used to supply food for most inhabitants of this otherwise rocky region. Novi VinodolskiThanks to its geographical positions and natural beauty Novi Vinodolski is a unique place which could quickly be turned into an exclusive tourist resort. It has clean sea, sites suitable for the building of the high-class hotels, romantic horizons, where green fields mix with grey, bare rocks, decidious and evergreen forests and above all picturesque and indented coast and thus young generations spare no effort to ensure prosperous future to their town. In Novi Vinodolski the road which from the Vinodol valley runs towards the seaside crosses with the road which runs through high evergreen forests of the mountain Kapela and thus via Ogulin cuts tha shortest way between industrial centres of continental Croatia and coast. Adriatic tourist road links Novi Vinodolski via Rijeka with Central Europe, while the sea, as local people like to say, connects Novi Vinodolski with the whole world.

In the hinterland of the Riviera, spreading from Bakarac to Novi Vinodolski, lies the fertile Vinodol valley (Vallis vinearia) which used to supply food for most inhabitants of this otherwise rocky region. Novi VinodolskiThanks to its geographical positions and natural beauty Novi Vinodolski is a unique place which could quickly be turned into an exclusive tourist resort. It has clean sea, sites suitable for the building of the high-class hotels, romantic horizons, where green fields mix with grey, bare rocks, decidious and evergreen forests and above all picturesque and indented coast and thus young generations spare no effort to ensure prosperous future to their town. In Novi Vinodolski the road which from the Vinodol valley runs towards the seaside crosses with the road which runs through high evergreen forests of the mountain Kapela and thus via Ogulin cuts tha shortest way between industrial centres of continental Croatia and coast. Adriatic tourist road links Novi Vinodolski via Rijeka with Central Europe, while the sea, as local people like to say, connects Novi Vinodolski with the whole world.

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On 6 July 2013, the Act Amending the Hospitality Act (Official Gazette No. 80/13) entered into force, which, inter alia, abolished the obligation for caterers to keep a book of complaints, but introduced a new obligation for caterers and renters, with regard to enabling service users to file a written complaint, in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the Consumer Protection Act. Guests are allowed to submit written complaints at the travel agency Trevitours, Ulica Matka Laginje 31, 52470 Umag or by mail to the same address or by e-mail: trevitours.travel@gmail.com no later than 3 days after the end of the stay. We will respond to written complaints to the guest within 15 days from the day of receipt of the complaint, and keep and keep written records of guest complaints, at least one year from the date of receipt of the complaint (Article 8 of the Consumer Protection Act).

  • Beaches

    With a pleasant climate and summer not too high temperatures, there are beautiful beaches that awaits you. Beautiful Beaches and blue flag, which stands for high purity and ecological awareness of local people about the environment. Beaches in Novi Vinodolski and its surroundings are mostly sandy, town beach is sandy, and that you can escape the strong sun rays, shade provides conifers whose branches descend to the beach. Historically, it ranks as one of the sunniest places on the Adriatic, with its 2500 sunny hours per year, so stay on the beaches guarantee a nice tan.

  • Nightlife and fun

    After a day spent at the beach, swimming, sunbathing, playing sports, socializing with friends and enjoy spending vacations and all the activities that you do on your vacation, save some energy to move on in nightlife and partying. Especially during summer, cafes by the sea are full of good and loud music, and there are various cultural events that take place and through which you can get to know the local customs. Also, there are various fashion shows, concerts and events.

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  • The 5 Croatian Dishes You Have to Try
    It may not be as well known in food circles as Spanish, Italian or French food, but Croatia is home to a diverse array of different cuisines. Over the years there have been lots of different influences on the foods on offer here due to Croatia’s turbulent history. Today we are going to talk about the 5 traditional Croatian dishes that you have to experience for yourself. Pršut This is a type of dry-cured ham and features heavily in a number of dishes in Croatia. It can be enjoyed as a dish in itself, as part of a platter or as a snack in between meals. The Autumn and early Winter weather in Croatia helps this ham have its fantastic texture and taste. It is usually served in very thin slices, much like parma ham would be and has a lovely texture to it and it can be the basis of lots of delicious dishes. As it is salted it brings additional flavour to pasta dishes without the need for a heavy sauce. Pašticada This is a dish that originates from Dalmatia in Croatia. It is a meat based dish that has beef as the main ingredient. The beef is left to marinate for at least a day in herbs, garlic and locally produced red wine. Once marinated the beef is cooked alongside carrots, plums, onions and then cloves and nutmeg are added. This dish has a beautiful rich depth to it and the dark consistency makes it the perfect recipe for the cooler nights in Croatia. This dish is best served with potato and gnocchi is a local favourite accompaniment to this dish. Brudet This is another traditional dish that comes from Dalmatia. This is a fish stew that is usually made with a mixture of different fish found locally.The fish is layered in one pot and then it is topped with a beautiful rich tomato sauce. The Brudet is then cooked, without being stirred, at a low temperature, and it is then stirred with delicious polenta. A very basic but most delicious dish! Janjetina s ražnja This is a traditional cooking style for lamb that is the most popular method in Croatia. A whole lamb is roasted on a spit, above hot coals, and is rotated slowly to allow the lamb to cook in its own juices. The spit roasting allows for juicy, succulent lamb that is delicious with a variety of side dishes. The traditional side for this dish is a simple salad, usually with lots of leafy greens. This makes for a delicious hearty yet healthy meal that will give you the true taste of Croatian food. Fuži i pljukanci Fuži and pljukanci are different types of homemade pasta that are both traditional to Croatia. These pastas, which also come in a host of other different varieties are often served with game based sauces. In addition to the game sauce they are also often served with tartufi, which are beautiful truffles. There are many traditional dishes waiting for you to sample in Croatia. These are just 5 traditional Croatian dishes that you have to experience, there are lots more too on offer. Be adventurous and you won’t regret it!
  • Historical Croatia - The 5 Best Sites to Visit
    Croatia is home to many beautiful historic sights and Croatia is also the proud holder of seven UNESCO World heritage sites. Any number of them could make it into our top 5, but here are some of our particular favourites. Split Split is home to the Palace of Diocletian. Dating back to Roman times Diocletian's Palace is considered one of the most imposing Roman ruins that the World has to offer. Diocletian's Palace is a historical complex which has now become the old town of Split. This area is home to beautiful restaurants, cafes and fantastic shopping. It really does have something to offer everyone whether you want to relax in beautiful historic surroundings or learn more about the history of Croatia. Plitvice Lakes National Park This National Park is made up of 16 impressive lakes that are breathtakingly beautiful. Being surrounded by vast scenery and bold colours makes for a truly beautiful view of historic Croatia.The Plitvice Lakes National Park lies at the bottom of vast arrays of rock, mostly comprised of limestone and dolomite, which gives the lakes their distinctive look. Throughout the day the lakes, which are separated by algae and moss, take on many different shades of green and blue. This is due to the ever changing angle of the light and also the amount of natural minerals that are found within the waters of each of the lakes. The natural history on display here is simply amazing and you’ll want to return again and again. Trogir Trogir is a beautiful medieval town that has stunning foundations and was founded in the 3rd century. The Romans expanded this beautiful town during the 13th and 15th centuries. Much of the foundations of this town have escaped the modernisation of the World and this makes it a must visit historic site of Croatia. There are Venetian undertones to many of the buildings, and surroundings, and the Trogir Cathedral is absolutely stunning. You should definitely make the time to visit if you can. The Old City of Dubrovnik This is a medieval walled city that has a mixture of Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic foundations. It was first founded in the 14th century but really came into its own during the 16th century when it was a rival for Venice. Many of the buildings were sadly destroyed during an earthquake back in 1667 but the Gothic walls remain. Running over 1 mile in length they surround most of the Old City and you can enter the main city gate for free. A stunning city that also has a brilliant beach, making it a place that has everything you could want out of a holiday! St. James Cathedral in Sibenik This is a Gothic-Renaissance Cathedral that was built between 1431 and 1535. The style was originally Gothic but then it was changed to Renaissance in the later parts of the build to allow for a beautiful hybrid mix. The mouldings of this Cathedral are stunning and it has been made using slabs of stone from the nearby island of Brac. If you’re in this part of Croatia, you won’t be disappointed with this place, it is simply magnificent. Because Croatia has some of the best beaches on offer in Europe, it can be easy to overlook the other aspects of what Croatia has to offer. With some of the most beautiful historical sites in Europe, don’t overlook them, they’ll make your holiday truly special.
  • The best places to party in Croatia
    The Best Places to Party in Croatia Croatia is a fantastic all round holiday hotspot. You can take part in watersports, enjoy delicious local cuisine, visit stunning wineries, bask on the delightful coastlines on offer and even visit some fantastic, fun party destinations. Here is a rundown of the 5 best places to party when you are holidaying in Croatia. Aquarius, Zrce Beach, Pag Islands Aquarius, part of the amazing 3 day Sonus Festival, is also home to 24 hour beach parties. During the day you can enjoy the club as a friendly, laid back beach bar, complete with a fantastic restaurant and then in the afternoon the fantastic beach parties begin. Clubbing parties are held throughout the evening and there is something for all types of party animals to enjoy. Being located just 1.25 miles from Novalja makes this a fantastic party destination. The beach here is easy to access and the parties typically run for 24 hours allowing you to enjoy a fun evening with friends or see if you can last the distance! Club Papaya, Novalja Club Papaya has to be one of the most amazing open air beach clubs in Europe. This club is home to several different festivals and events throughout the year, as well as hosting parties too. The views across the Adriatic are stunning from here and nothing can beat partying in the open air. Each year you can take part in the big beach spring break event here which takes place in May and lasts for four amazing days. Carpe Diem, Hvar This is a fantastic place to relax on the beach by day and an amazing beach club by night. Carpe Diem has a blissful laid back vibe, which you would expect to find in Ibiza. You can dance and watch the sundown, enjoy an amazing clubbing session and even enjoy music from some world class DJs. Byblos, Porec If you want to enjoy your partying in opulent surroundings then Byblos is the club for you. This club was first opened in the 1960s and has undergone some transformations in the past. It is truly stunning now and on par with some of the best nightclubs in the world. You can enjoy house, cutting edge electronic and urban music as you dance the night away from 11pm - 6am. Rock Club, Uljanik, Pula If you are looking for something a little different when you are partying up a storm then the Rock Club is the place for you. In the evening you can relax in the bar and then the place really comes alive and the rocking can begin! This is a fantastic venue for fans of all different types of rock and you can rock out from 8pm - 6am with other like minded rockers. The best resort to visit, for partying, has to be Novalja which is the Croatian version of Ibiza. This is a must visit destination for fans of the clubbing and partying scene and you are sure to have a partying experience you will never forget.
  • Croatia- A Wine Lover’s Paradise

    Croatia is home to a number of fantastic wineries that have much to offer. Many of the best rated wineries are producing less than 50,000 bottles per year, which is a sign of the love and passion that goes into these wines. With state of the art facilities and wonderful varieties of grape Croatia is fast becoming a wine lovers paradise.

    Croatia is rapidly becoming one of the must visit destinations for holidaymakers in Europe, and with its long histroy as a winemaker, it’s a great place to visit if you love wine. The most popular varieties of grape include Malvazija Istarska, Plavac Mali and Refosco.

    The wine in Croatia has much history behind it with some varieties recorded as far back as the age of Ancient Greece. There are several hundred different wine regions, all with something special to offer wine lovers. Continental and Coastal are the two main wine ones, and within both of these wine regions there are lots of fantastic varieties produced.

    White wine is the wine of choice in Croatia with the vast majority of wines on offer being of this variety. Red wine is also widely available with Rosé wine making up just a tiny amount of the yearly production. Diluted wines are popular in Croatia with still and sparkling water both being popular dilution choices.

    When visiting Croatia there are several magnificent wineries that must be experienced in person. With production in small quantities you are unlikely to be able to find the wines on offer from these wineries in your local supermarket.

    Bibich, located in Sibenik, is a family run winery that offers you the chance to enjoy fine dining with your fine wine. This winery is basked in sunshine which help makes the most delicious blends of red and white wine. The Lucica wine is a fantastic variety and comes from vines that are over 50 years old. Each vine produces just half a bottle of wine per year, which is then aged for over a year in oak barrels.

    Katunar, on Krk Island, is breathtakingly beautiful. The Katunar family have worked together to blend together secrets passed down through generations with modern technology. This makes for a fantastic array of sparkling, red and white wines. The views from the Katunar winery span across the vineyards and are a perfect accompaniment to your wine tasting session.

    Specialist wine stockists will be able to find you some of your favourite blends when you return home, as both of the wineries mentioned above export some of their production. While you won't find them widely available you will be able to wow your friends with your wine tasting expertise at your next dinner party.

    Wine tours are another fantastic way to enjoy the delicious wines that Croatia have to offer. A guide will teach you about the expert families and the secrets that they have cultivated over the years. Whether you want to visit the plains of Slavonia, the coastal areas of Dalmatia or the hills of Istria there is a wine tour for you. Don’t delay, if you want to experience the delights of this fantastic wine producing nation, then book now.


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